Neighbor in heaven

Abu Yazid al-Bustami was well-known in worshiping Allah swt. His heart felt happy, as if his mind flied and swinged to The Arsy. “I wish to be a neighbor for Rasulullah saw in heaven,” he whispered. When he awakened from his dream, suddenly he heard a voice shouted.

“There is a pious man who will be your neighbor in heaven. He lives in this land,” the voice said.

Then Abu Yazid was motivated to find out the man who will be his neighbor in heaven. When he was going to meet the man, one advised him, “Why are you going to look for him, a fasiq and drinker. In fact you are a pious, seem from your forehead.”

Having listened to that advice, Abu Yazid got confused. “If it’s fact, the voice ordered me was devil then. So why I should follow it?” he whispered in heart.

“Where is he now?” Yazid asked him.

“He is drinking now in a place,” he answered while pointing out a place.

Abu Yazid met the man in a place. There he saw 40 men were drinking. While the man he looked for was sitting among them. Abu Yazid turned his step back to leave them. He felt fed up and hopeless. But one called him.

“Hey Abu Yazid, why you do not enter this home. You come here from far place since you intend to meet me, right? You are looking for your neighbor in heaven, aren’t you?” the man asked him.

Hearing that statement, Abu Yazid wondered. He thought how the man could know the purpose of his arrival, whereas in fact he had not told his purpose yet.

Doubtful, he followed the man entered home then sitted among those drinkers. The man told him, “Hey Abu Yazid, don’t you get into heaven alone. That’s not good attribute from a man like you. Previously, there were 80 men who were fasiq and drinkers as you see here now. Then I tried to approach them so that they could be my neighbor in heaven.”

Then Abu Yazid was introduced to those 40 drinkers. With dakwah and special establishment, finally those 40 men regained consciousness and repented. They will be Abu Yazid’s neighbor in heaven.


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