Strengthening lungs

This recipe could also be useful for those who suffer tuberculosis (TBC). The materials are 1 female duck and 2 packs of medicinal herbs. Follow these steps:

  • Slaughter the duck and clean its feather.
  • Slice its leg and head.
  • Take out the stomach’s contents through its neck.
  • Then hang its body for a day till it gets dried.
  • To remove putrid smell, put the medicinal herbs into the duck through its neck then sew it back.
  • Take a washbasin with a coarse filter on it.
  • Then put the body onto the filter.
  • Steam it on the washbasin till it produces oil.
  • Let the oil stream down through the filter then fill up the washbasin.
  • Wait till it produces about 1 cup of oil. Then store the oil in bottle.
  • Drink 3 spoons of it a day. If the oil gets congealed, put the bottle into boiling water.

In truth, recovery comes from Allah swt.


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