Friends’ obituary

I am sad now. My friend got died last monday. He was my friend in Junior and Senior High School. His death was caused by motorcycle accident. That day he went out to back study in his university by motorcycle. Whereas I also went back to city on the same day and same road by bus. He studied in the same city with me.

He was one of my third friend who were dead in motorcycle accident. They who had died in motorcycle accident were Dodi, Lukman, and Purnamaridin. Purnamaridin was he who just died on last monday. Purnamaridin and Dodi were very close to one another. They lived in the same village. They went school together, they played around together, they studied together, much thing they did together. Moreover they also died in the same way.

Lukman was my friend in Madrasah and Junior High School. He was my neighbor in our village. He died when he was intending to apply a job as civil servant. He accidentally collided with official car of local government, not too far from our home. They all died in last two years. I didn’t suppose this all.

While I also have a friend who had got motorcycle accident. Alhamdulillah, he was safe. But he got his leg injured seriously. He is my friend in Elementary School, Madrasah, and Junior High School. He lives very close to me, in one complex. His father works at the same company with my father.

Should I blame the motorcycle which had taken so many lives?

Now I can just remember we experienced together in Elemantary, Madrasah, Junior and Senior High School. We ever had quarrel. We had a joke together. We ate together. We played soccer together. And now I’m listening to ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Shallow Sleep’, both songs are by Hyde. It’s all about friend’s death. And I never know what death means? Although sorrow of death is very clear to me.

O Allah please forgive their sin. Relieve and bless them. O Allah remind me to the day I die. Amin.


8 thoughts on “Friends’ obituary

  1. Every death leave sorrow…i remember when my brother died by car accident 11 years ago. He died young, 27 yrs old…young isn’t it? That day seems to me just yesterday…i still remember everything about him until the day when the bad news hit home. May Allah SWT have mercy on him. Amin.

    Have a great day, Jookut !

  2. Too much obituary remain in my mind. Just curious, while i am waiting for it and everyone does, but it’s a way how God tells us something, just a little one of all God’s Almighty. Rest In Peace, all my condolences for your friend.

  3. You should be very sad on your brother’s death. May Allah swt blesses upon him. Any way, honestly I always consider my death will be my life. And my life now is a death.

  4. 4ruckuus
    Why are you waiting for death? Are you bored with your life? I sometime feel ready to face death. Several days ago, I just felt how bronchitis is. It apparently felt oppress my chest that made me hard to sleep. And I felt my death is coming.
    And again I’m coincidentally listening to ‘Evergreen’ a song by Hyde, in my winamp.

  5. Hi all…

    talking anout death…anyone ever heard Bimbo’s song about this…??
    “kita semua pasti mati….tapi jangan kita minta mati…” he he….enjoy life as it is…and always be thankful for everything to Allah SWT.


  6. Hmm I am sorry to hear that.
    Hope your friends.. rest in peace…

    Btw Jazakallahu for your suggestion and pray.. when my Aini sick…
    We back now.. in our home sweet home

  7. I’m sorry that you lost your friend. At least he had you, his friend, to grieve for him. Not everyone has someone to mourn them.

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