Atheist and Imam Ahmad

In Imam Ahmad period, there was a group of atheist tried to bother the faith of God existence. With a strong support of argumentation and logic, they succeeded to twist the fact. They said this universe was created by its process alone, without God’s involvement. So that human doesn’t need to worship God. They thought, God does not exist.

There were so much ulama tried to correct this thought by debating them. But their opinion had not been defeated yet. Even they were more and more arrogant with their disavowal.

Then one day a debate challenge came from an ulama, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. He didn’t look as an ulama with wide horizon and knowledge. However the atheist decided to accept this challenge. One condition was settled, that was this debate should be carried out openly, available for people. Then the day and place were agreed.

On the debate day, Imam Ahmad came late. Surely he was scorned by the atheist and people.

“Be patient! Give me time to explain why I came late,” Imam Ahmad said calmly.

Although they were fed up, they held down their voices.

“Listen, you have to know that I live in outskirts of city. And we are divided with a wide river. Well, when I intended to go here, I didn’t get any boat to cross. That’s why I came late.”

“So how you could come here while you didn’t get any boat?” the people asked him.

“It’s a miraculous!” Imam Ahmad said. “Suddenly a piece of board was washed away and floated in front of me then stopped alone. Then the other boards followed the first one and collected together. There’s also a rope came unexpectedly. The board and rope assembled it self alone until they became a small boat which was water resistant. Well, the small boat helped me crossed so that I could get here safely.”

The atheist laughed uproariously. One of them said sharply, “Ugh, you just made a joke. It’s impossible.”

Imam Ahmad answered calmly, “Well, if all of you deny the small boat which could assemble it self alone, then is it possible for this great and complex universe to be created it self without any role of Allah swt?”

They fell silent, speechless and sweaty. Since they didn’t have any answer, they just went out. Suddenly people were cheering and gave applause to Imam Ahmad who was modest but very intelligent. With a very simple logic, the atheist lost before debate started.


10 thoughts on “Atheist and Imam Ahmad

  1. Pretty good story. What is the source for this story, whether in english or arabic? I would love to obtain the book and check it out Allaah Willing.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. I got this story from an Islamic magazine, in Indonesia (place and language) of course. I got this story several years ago. You’re welcome.

  3. I believe this is about Imaam Abu Haneefa not Imaam Ahmed Imaam Ahmed stood for defending the Sanctity of Quraan whether its created or Kalaam, Speech of Allah. This incident is of Imaam Abu Haneefa.

  4. Simple things we can get in every day life.
    Try to put a ballpoint beside a piece of paper. Is it possible for that ballpoint to write it self. We try and pray as hard as we can, that ballpoint can’t write it self. Even though we scream, we can’t get it happened.

    Do we consider blank paper as an important thing. If it has written word on it, we perhaps will pay attention for a minute. Then think who is the writer? For what he wrote it? Does he show him self?

  5. As Salaamu Alaikum

    JazakaAllaahu Khair.

    I don’t know Bahasa Indonesian, however since the story is about Imaam Ahmad, then I’m sure the author translated it from an arabic source. Allaah Willing if you get the chance just send me the bibliography for the article from the magazine from where this story comes from.

    As for Irfan if this story is about Imaam Abu Haneefah as opposed to Imaam Ahmad then could you please send me the source if Jookut is mistaken. No doubt what you say concerning Imaam Ahmad is the truth concerning his trial with the Jahmiyyah or Mu’tazilah over the Qur’aan being created as opposed to being the Words of Allaah. However, this story could be from Imaam Ahmad as well. Just because he’s known for one thing does not negate him having other achievements. waAllaahu Alim. BarakAllaahu feekum.

    Was Salaamu Alaikum

  6. Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullahee wa barkatuhoo

    Brother Haneef.

    I did post a similar post titled Answers to Atheists and i quoted the same incident and my source for that article was and i have that post on my blog here is the link if you may wish to.
    This incident about Imaam Abu haneefa is quite famous but i could not trace it to any specific so far although it tried interacting with many hanafee folks but not able to gather any credible book however rest be assured this incident is credit to Imaam Abu Haneefa.

  7. As Salaamu Alaikum

    Shukhraan akh Irfan for the the links. Alhumdullillaah, insha’Allaah it appears to be Imaam Aboo Haneefah insha’Allaah unless Jookut could provide an original source for the article. May Allaah bless you both with your blogs and keep up the good work and may the salaah and salaams be upon the Prophet. Aameen!

  8. Wa ‘alaikum salaam


    Please pardon me if I’m wrong. I just copied this article from an Islamic magazine in Indonesia. I don’t know the bibliography. I believe in that magazine since they has trusted and qualified writer. Please give me the original source of book so we get a clarity.

  9. Asalaam alaikum

    Dear brothers, i m very positive about this story of Imaam abu haneefa because i live in the heartland of hanafees. I m hearing this story ever since i was in my kindergarden. Well i will try to get in touch with a “muftee” of hanafees and try to findout from them inshallah. Thats gonna take sometime.

    @Jookut, you may write to the magazine and ask them to provide you the reference. The should be more then happy to help you inshallah.


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