History of ‘Uncle Sam’ term

In 18th century there’s one who was usually called “Uncle Sam” Wilson. Wilson was born in Arlington, Massachusetts, on September 13th 1766. After war ended, he moved to Troy, New York and ran his business, meat packing.

On 2 October 1812, governor of New York, Daniel D Tompkins visited Wilson’s shop. Daniel asked the meaning of ‘EA-US’ on the label of package. An employee answered that ‘EA’ was name of contractor where Wilson ever worked, Elbert Anderson. And then, spontantly he joked that ‘US’ was abbreviation of ‘Uncle Sam’, whereas in fact it was abbreviation of ‘United States’. This incident was contained in New York Gazette and General Advertiser on May 12th 1830 so that Wilson got popularity.


One thought on “History of ‘Uncle Sam’ term

  1. Is it true??
    But…thanks for the information…now I know why we call us as “Uncle Sum” country….


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