Spoon of Happiness

(Sumber: INTISARI No. 525 April 2007 page. 183)

In hand of Paulo Coelho, thinker and novelist of Rio de Janeiro lineage, even spoon could be used to give enlightenment. In his writing titled “All The Marvels of The World”, narrated an advanture of a young man who is looking for meaning of happiness. In his journey, he met an ascetic in ancient castle at top of hill. He asked the ascetic meaning of happiness.

“Before I answer your question, please you look around my home first. Don’t be hurried.” Then the ascetic gave him a tablespoon contained drops of oil. “Bring this while you walk around. Watch out, do not let the oil spill out.”

The young man followed this instruction. He walked around that wonderful castles complex of Middle Ages. But since he concentrates his mind on the spoon, he couldn’t enjoy what he saw. Several hours later the ascetic asked him, “Had you entered my library yet ? There you should see relief contains interesting story. Did you like it ?”

The young man admitted that he did not see this object. “Then you should see it again. Try to enjoy the landscape at this castle,” ascetic said.

This time the young man really enjoyed all thing he saw. Several hours passed, he reported a lot of wonderful things to the ascetic. “Fine. But what happened to the spoon ? Why it is empty ? You spilled out the oil, didn’t you ?” The young man was shocked, he could not conceal his ashamed feeling.

Wisely the ascetic stroked the shoulder of this young man and told, “Do you still want to know the meaning of happiness ?”

“Yes, of course,” the young man said.

“Actually you’ve answered it your self,” ascetic said. “Happiness is an ability to enjoy and respect all the beautiful things you meet in the world, without forgetting things closest to you.”


4 thoughts on “Spoon of Happiness

  1. That’s a great story. I realized, we, human, do need to care our family, friends, and people around us. And at the same time we must be able to enjoy our life. It means we should be proportional in any matters. Good job man.

  2. luar binasa..
    bagus ceritanya, walaupun kalau saya yang diminta untuk berkeliling istana, saya masukkan dulu cairan minyak itu di mulut, dan setelah selesai keliling, saya tum,pahkan lagi di sendok…

    ya, lidah kerasa kelu-kelu sedikit gak masyalah..

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