The origin of Sulawesi name

Sulawesi is one of many islands in Indonesia. The story of Sulawesi name was began by Ibnu Batutah, a muslim adventurer (1303-1377). One day, in adventure moment, he arrived in an island (Sulawesi now). There he saw many copra scattered around. At that time he named it “salabas syai” means all things spreaded. He didn’t know the fruits he found was coconut. Till now this name is still used as a name of Salabesi or Sulawesi.


5 thoughts on “The origin of Sulawesi name

  1. that’s great…
    Ibnu Batutah.. is one of the ’99 tokoh muslim didunia”…
    I know about… “columbus” better than him…
    hope… for the next generation, they learn… History of Islam more and more

  2. This name has always caught my attention. Sula vesi means ‘Molten water’ in Estonian, ‘Sulawesi’ looks like an archaic form of it.

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